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Series: Yes, No, or Maybe? (Light Novel)

イエスかノーか半分か | Yes ka No ka Hanbun ka
Story & Art by:
Michi Ichiho
Lala Takemiya

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The fan-favorite Boys’ Love light novel about the secret lives of men who work in television–soon to be an anime!

Kunieda Kei is a popular TV announcer known for being a cool and flawless professional. But on the inside, he’s the opposite: brash, hot-tempered, and as prickly as can be. Still, Kei juggles his private and professional personas successfully until one day, the unthinkable happens: stop-motion animator Tsuzuki Ushio from work sees him at the grocery store with his real personality on display! Now Kei has to figure out how to navigate a relationship he didn’t expect. But is that really as scary as the possibility that someone might love both sides of him?


Yes, No, or Maybe? (Light Novel)

Release Date: 2020/11/03
Early Digital: 2020/07/09
Price: $14.99
Format: Light Novel
ISBN: 978-1-64505-866-3