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Series: Until I Meet My Husband (Essay Novel)

僕が夫に出会うまで | Boku ga Otto ni Deau Made
Story & Art by:
Ryousuke Nanasaki

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This historic memoir by activist Ryousuke Nanasaki recounts his first experiences as a gay man while searching for his soulmate and eventual marriage–the first religiously recognized same-sex wedding in Japanese history. (Manga adaptation also available from Seven Seas.)

From school crushes to awkward dating sites to finding a community, this collection of stories recounts the author’s “firsts” as a young gay man searching for love. Dating isn’t ever easy, but that goes doubly so for Ryousuke, whose journey is full of unrequited love and many speed bumps. But perseverance and time heals all wounds, even those of the heart. This moving memoir by gay activist Ryousuke Nanasaki, following his historic life story, was originally released in Japan in a novel of collected essays and in a beautiful manga adaptation–now both will be available in English for the first time.


Until I Meet My Husband (Essay Novel)

Release Date: 2022/06/07
Price: $14.99
Format: Novel
ISBN: 978-1-63858-103-1