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Series: Tetragrammaton Labyrinth

Story & Art by:
Ei Itou


When darkness falls on the foggy streets of London, demons and monsters emerge to prey on human life. But demons aren’t the only ones prowling the streets. Two women have picked up the fight as humanity’s frontline defense against the darkness–a young gun-toting nun named Sister Meg and her mysterious, eternally youthful partner Angela. Together, they have made it their life’s work to spend their nights hunting the vile demons that stalk mankind.


Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol. 1

Release Date: 2007/07/24
Price: $11.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-933164-58-8

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol. 2

Release Date: 2007/11/28
Price: $11.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-933164-59-5

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol. 3

Release Date: 2008/07/08
Price: $11.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-933164-60-1

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol. 4

Release Date: 2008/11/25
Price: $11.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-934876-02-2

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol. 5

Release Date: 2009/04/28
Price: $11.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-934876-54-1

Tetragrammaton Labyrinth Vol. 6

Release Date: 2009/09/01
Price: $11.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-934876-68-8