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Series: Soara and the House of Monsters

ソアラと魔物の家 | Soara to Mamono no Ie
Story & Art by:
Hidenori Yamaji


In this delightful and intricately illustrated fantasy tale, a girl who was raised to fight monsters starts building cozy homes for them instead.

Soara is a young orphan girl who was raised by knights and trained to battle the monsters that constantly attacked their kingdom. But by the time Soara is ready to join the fight herself, peace has been declared and her blade is no longer needed. Searching for a new home and a new purpose, Soara stumbles across Krik the dwarf, leader of the Monster Architects. Suddenly, instead of fighting monsters, Soara finds herself working with Krik to build comfortable homes for them! In the process, will she discover a new home and family for herself?