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Series: She’s the Strongest Bride, But I’m Stronger in Night Battles: A Harem Chronicle of Advancing Through Cunning Tactics (Manga)

異世界最強の嫁ですが、夜の戦いは俺の方が強いようです ~知略を活かして成り上がるハーレム戦記~ | Isekai Saikyou no Yome desu ga, Yoru no Tatakai wa Ore no Hou ga Tsuyoi you desu - Chiryaku wo Ikashite Nariagaru Harem Senki

Story & Art by:

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In this spicy isekai, an ordinary man becomes a military genius and the hottest lover in the realm–in another world—part of Seven Seas’ Ghost Ship imprint!

Compelled to marry a royal demoness and put to work—on the battlefield and in her bedroom—Albert finds his new life in another world anything but peaceful. Yet, thanks to his knowledge of Earth’s history, Albert is able to launch a revolution and is having a ball doing it alongside his sexy demon bride!