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Series: Sadako-san and Sadako-chan

貞子さんとさだこちゃん | Sadako-san to Sadako-chan
Story & Art by:
Noriaki Sugihara
Aya Tsutsumi
Koji Suzuki

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This hilarious manga takes a look at the softer side of one of horror’s most iconic monsters!

One day, as Sadako goes to claim her next victim, she meets another girl named Sadako. “Sadako-chan” is a precocious young child who’s eager to help “Sadako-san” adjust to the modern era–no more climbing out of TVs, it’s all about YouTube now! With the help of her new friend, can Sadako finally move on from her tragic past? This adorable spin-off to the genre-defining Ringu/The Ring franchise is terrifyingly funny!


Sadako-san and Sadako-chan

Release Date: 2021/06/22
Price: $13.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-64827-418-3