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Series: My Kitten is a Picky Eater

猫には猫の猫ごはん。| Neko ni wa Neko no Neko Gohan.

Story & Art by:
Migiri Miki

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A heartwarming manga about two loners finding happiness and trust with each other!

A kitten, on the verge of death, lies in the snow, only to be rescued by a kind young man, Mano Taiyo. Nursing the ailing kitten back to health, Taiyo names his new charge “Yuki.” As a first time pet owner, however, Taiyo struggles with Yuki’s very particular palate. This picky kitty refuses to go anywhere near store-bought cat food! There’s only one option left: while he’s never cooked a single meal in his life, Taiyo resolves to make a meal worthy of his adorable new feline friend!