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Series: My Deer Friend Nokotan

しかのこのこのここしたんたん | Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan
Story & Art by:

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Girl meets elk-girl–and chaos ensues!

Torako thought she had successfully buried a wild past to become a normal high school honors student, with none of her classmates aware of her delinquent roots. But that all changes when she discovers Nokotan, a new transfer student with antlers, tangled up in power lines and being attacked by birds! Is Nokotan an elk, a girl, or something in-between? Whatever she is, Torako may regret helping her, since Nokotan can smell the former delinquent on her. Now a punky past and a monster girl have crashed into Torako’s life in this hilarious (and chaotic) high school comedy!


My Deer Friend Nokotan Vol. 1

Release Date: 2022/03/15
Price: $12.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-64827-886-0