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Series: My Boss is a Giant: He Manages My Every Need With Enormous Skill! – The Complete Manga Collection

コワモテ上司のXLサイズが入りません!~ちっぱいハムちゃんと絶倫サメくんの開発事情~ | Kowamote Joushi no XL Size ga Hairimasen!
Story & Art by:

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A sweet and spicy workplace rom-com about a cute office lady and her big, hot boss! Part of Seven Seas’ imprint dedicated to sexy romance for women: Steamship!

Natsumi, also known as “Ham-chan,” hustles at a demanding office job like a hamster running in a wheel. Meanwhile, her boss Samejima is more like a shark. He’s handsome, sure, but he’s also imposing and scary…at least, until he confesses his feelings for her?! Natsumi is a little overwhelmed at seeing a vulnerable side to this gigantic man, especially since she doesn’t have a lot of experience in the love department, but she’s secretly thrilled to see more. Together, this big boss with a carnivorous appetite and the smaller woman who’s hungry for his love are ready to unleash their wild sides!