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Series: Modern Dungeon Capture Starting with Broken Skills (Light Novel)

壊れスキルで始める現代ダンジョン攻略 | Koware Skill de Hajimeru Gendai Dungeon Kouryaku
Story & Art by:
Yuuki Kimikawa

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In this fantasy adventure tale, an office worker finally escapes the daily grind…when dungeons appear on Earth and he’s saved by a swordswoman and a pixie! And don’t miss the manga, also from Seven Seas!

Everyone with a dead-end job sometimes wishes for something to come swallow up their workplace…and that’s exactly what happens to Mizuki Ryosuke. Monster-infested dungeons have appeared all over the world, but he’s saved from his collapsing office by a swordswoman and a pixie. Along the way, Mizuki picks up an item that allows him to pass overpowered skills to other people—and before he realizes it, Mizuki is in high demand himself!