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Series: Magical Buffs: The Support Caster Was Stronger Than He Realized!

雑用付与術師が自分の最強に気付くまで | Zatsuyou Fuyojutsushi ga Jibun no Saikyou ni Kidzuku made

Story & Art by:
Rico Worico
Haka Tokura
Eiri Shirai


He’s one support mage who can hold his own on the front lines and will prove it in this action-packed fantasy manga!

Wim Strauss is a “granting caster”—a support mage who can increase the strength of his allies through the power of his spells. It’s a useful talent, but since it can’t be used directly in battle, it gets zero respect from the other members of his party. As far as they’re concerned, support magic is dead weight. It isn’t long before they toss him out on his ear, leaving Wim to wonder if his career as an adventurer is over.

Lucky for Wim, he has one big chance: His childhood friend Heidemarie is able to get him an audition with her elite A-rank party, Nachtlibelle. The two of them know his magic is good for more than just menial backup, but now he’ll have to prove it. It’s time to show the world that support mages can do more than just stand on the back lines!


Magical Buffs: The Support Caster is Stronger Than He Realized! (Manga) Vol. 1

Release Date: 2024/10/01
Price: $14.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 979-8-89160-499-5