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Series: Loyal Soldier, Lustful Beast (Light Novel)

軍人は愛の獣 | Gunjin wa Ai no Kemono

Story & Art by:
Sumire Saiga
Saya Shirosaki

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A delicious–yet forbidden–historical romance unfolds between a lovestruck soldier and the king’s concubine. The first light novel ever for Seven Seas’ imprint dedicated to sexy romance for women: Steamship!

Noblewoman Giselle’s world is turned upside down when she’s summoned to serve as the king’s prized concubine. Her heart already belongs to her manservant, Wallace, a soldier who worships the ground she walks on. Just as Giselle accepts that their blissful days are numbered, Wallace steals into her room in the palace with a desperate, hungry gaze. Spending the night with him is tantamount to treason…but their love is not one so easily denied.


Loyal Soldier, Lustful Beast (Light Novel)

Release Date: 2023/12/26
Early Digital: 2023/12/26
Price: $15.99
Format: Light Novel
ISBN: 979-8-88843-207-5


Loyal Soldier, Lustful Beast (Audiobook)

Release Date: 2024/07/04
Length: 5 hrs 39 mins