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Series: I Ship My Rival x Me (The Comic / Manhua)

boys' love

Story & Art by:

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The full-color manhua (comic) adaptation of the hit danmei/Boys’ Love novel! A lighthearted romantic comedy about two rookie actors who learn they’re being shipped online.

Wei Yanzi and Gu Yiliang debuted together three years ago, from the same agency, so it was inevitable that they’d be considered rivals by their fans. Unfortunately for Wei Yanzi, while Gu Yiliang has phenomenal acting skills to go with his idol-tier good looks…Wei Yanzi only has the idol-tier good looks. He’s so tired of reading online hate comments accusing him of scheming to undermine Gu Yiliang that when he stumbles across a community of people who fervently believe the two actors are an item, it’s not just a shock—it’s a relief! Moved by these fans’ passion and thrilled to find a community where nobody’s trash-talking him, Wei Yanzi becomes addicted to their posts analyzing his and Gu Yiliang’s every move for shipping fuel.

Of course there’s nothing actually going on between the two of them…but as he spends more time with Gu Yiliang on the period drama they’re filming together, why is Wei Yanzi starting to feel like the shippers might actually be onto something?!


I Ship My Rival x Me (The Comic / Manhua) Vol. 1

Release Date: 2024/11/19
Price: $19.99
Format: Manhua
ISBN: 979-8-89160-497-1