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Series: I Ship My Rival x Me (The Comic / Manhua)

boys' love

Story & Art by:

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The full-color manhua (comic) adaptation of the hit danmei/Boys’ Love novel! A lighthearted romantic comedy about two rookie actors who learn they’re being shipped online.

Wei Yanzi and Gu Yiliang burst onto the acting scene together, igniting a rivalry fueled by their shared debut. But while Gu Yiliang dazzles with his acting prowess and idol-worthy looks, Wei Yanzi finds himself in the shadow with only his striking appearance to boast. Amid the barrage of online hate from Gu Yiliang’s fervent admirers, Wei Yanzi’s patience wears thin.

When Wei Yanzi stumbles upon an online community totally convinced there’s a romantic entanglement between the two actors, he is initially shocked but soon finds solace in their speculation as he immerses himself in their discussions.

Though their relationship is purely professional, Wei Yanzi can’t shake the growing sense that maybe the shippers are onto something. As he spends more time with Gu Yiliang, lines blur, and Wei Yanzi begins to wonder if there might, after all, be truth behind the fan-fueled fantasies!


I Ship My Rival x Me (The Comic / Manhua) Vol. 1

Release Date: 2024/11/19
Price: $19.99
Format: Manhua
ISBN: 979-8-89160-497-1