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Series: HIKARI-MAN (Omnibus)


Story & Art by:
Hideo Yamamoto


An electrifying supernatural manga series about a high school nerd who uses his mysterious ability to manipulate electricity to take revenge on bullies. From the creator of Homunculus—also available from Seven Seas!

Shirochi Hikari, a lonely otaku obsessed with fighting games and PC mods, has it rough fighting to survive at the very bottom of the high school food chain. Nerdy with a weak constitution and electro-sensitivity, Hikari spends more time in the nurse’s office than around his classmates. But who needs friends and popularity when you can stay at home working on sweet PC builds…right? One night, Hikari gets the shock of a lifetime that changes everything! Hit by a build-up of static charge, his consciousness explodes out of his body and enters his PC. Now, charged with a new ability, he can travel everywhere electricity flows! Will Hikari use these new powers for good or will he give the school bullies a serious shock?

From the creator of cult hits Homunculus and Ichi the Killer comes a twisted new take on superhero sci-fi!


HIKARI-MAN (Omnibus) Vol. 1-2

Release Date: 2024/11/26
Price: $27.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 979-8-89160-595-4