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Series: Heroine? Saint? No, I’m an All-Works Maid (And Proud of It)! (Manga)

ヒロイン?聖女?いいえ、オールワークスメイドです(誇)! | Heroine? Seijo? Iie, All Works Maid desu (ko)!

Story & Art by:


See how one maid cleans up her own destiny in this brand-new isekai manga—based on the light novel, also from Seven Seas!

“I will become the world’s most wonderful maid!” With her skirt fluttering in black and white, the girl shouted. Her name is Melody. A reincarnated former Japanese girl, she now pursues her dream in her new life, working as an all-purpose maid for a poor count’s family in the kingdom of Théolas. When she makes it, even cheap tea turns into a luxury brew, and a dilapidated mansion is quickly restored to new! Cleaning, serving, hunting, DIY—leave it all to her and her powerful magic.

Unbeknownst to Melody, this world is actually an otome game, and she is the most powerful and invincible heroine, the saint! Yet, she remains oblivious to this fact. Romance with handsome men? Attacks by the Demon Lord? Work comes first!

A fantasy of misunderstood work that unknowingly shatters destiny!


Heroine? Saint? No, I’m an All-Works Maid (And Proud of It)! (Manga) Vol. 1

Release Date: 2024/11/26
Price: $13.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 979-8-89160-733-0