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Series: Easygoing Territory Defense by the Optimistic Lord: Production Magic Turns a Nameless Village into the Strongest Fortified City (Light Novel)

お気楽領主の楽しい領地防衛 | Okiraku Ryoushu no Tanoshii Ryouchi Bouei ~Seisan-kei Majutsu de Na mo na Kimura wo Saikyou no Jousai Toshi ni~

Story & Art by:
Sou Akaike

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In this fantasy isekai tale, a reincarnated nobleman with a “useless” skill transforms a village into a prosperous city! And don’t miss the manga adaptation, also from Seven Seas!

Van, fourth son of a marquis, is just a toddler when he realizes he’s been reincarnated. Thanks to his literal lifetime of knowledge, he’s raised as a child prodigy—until his production magic manifests, and it’s the last thing his snooty mage family wants to see! His disappointed father banishes him to a podunk town on the verge of collapse, yet Van can only see the place’s potential. Can our hero’s bastion of battlements build a better life than battle magic ever could?!