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Series: Checkmate

boys' love
체크 메이트 | Checkmate

Story & Art by:

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The colored rivals-to-lovers Boys’ Love webtoon/manhwa (comic) is coming to print in English for the first time!

Detached. Disinterested. Dispassionate. All words used to describe Soohyun and his uneventful, mediocre life. He’s nothing like he once was. As a teen, he had a fire, a passion burning within, all thanks to one person: bright-haired and brilliant Eunsung. Throughout high school, Soohyun obsessively competed with Eunsung for the top spot in all things, only to consistently come in second place. And as high school ended without victory, so did his passion for anything. But all this changes when, as an adult, he suddenly sees Eunsung again—except the other man is in the news, embroiled in scandal! Seeing Eunsung in a state of shame ignites something in Soohyun. Fiery hate, long thought dead, comes alive within him once more.

Determined to see a fallen Eunsung with his own eyes, Soohyun reinvents himself as a reporter and begins dishing out one dirty article after another. He’s sure that with each scathing article, Eunsung will come crawling to Soohyun and begging for mercy. Except, it doesn’t happen. Eunsung doesn’t react at all the way Soohyun expects! Just who is being manipulated, and who, the manipulator?


Checkmate Vol. 1

Release Date: 2024/10/08
Price: $21.99
Format: Manhwa
ISBN: 979-8-89160-220-5