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Series: Cat on the Hero’s Lap

勇者のひざには猫がいる | Yuusha no Hiza ni wa Neko ga Iru

Story & Art by:
Kosuke Iijima

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In this hilarious fantasy adventure tale, will the hero triumph against the evil Demon Lord, or face defeat…because he can’t fight with a cat on his lap?!

Our brave hero, Red, has embarked alongside his companions on a journey to defeat the great demon king. Or at least, that was the plan. But then a cat sat on Red’s lap and fell asleep. There’s no way he can fight monsters like this! As it turns out, Red’s greatest enemy is right on top of him!


Cat on the Hero’s Lap Vol. 1

Release Date: 2023/11/14
Price: $14.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 979-8-88843-037-8

Cat on the Hero’s Lap Vol. 2

Release Date: 2024/03/12
Price: $14.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 979-8-88843-340-9

Cat on the Hero’s Lap Vol. 3

Release Date: 2024/08/20
Price: $14.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 979-8-88843-459-8