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Series: Beautiful Things: The Complete Manga Collection

boys' love
美しいこと | Utsukushiikoto

Story & Art by:
Nao Inui
Narise Konohara

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From Narise Konohara, the author behind The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions, comes a new, beautiful manga about bittersweet romance—finally available in English!

After a tough breakup, Matsuoka finds solace in a surprising place—his ex-girlfriend’s wardrobe. Donning her outfits, he embarks on nightly escapades that garner a whirlwind of attention, not all of which is welcome. One perilous evening, Matsuoka is rescued from an assault by his unsuspecting co-worker, Hirosue.

Hirosue, an endearing klutz, is completely taken by Matsuoka’s disguised persona and falls head over heels. As Matsuoka thrives in the glow of Hirosue’s adoration, the weight of his secret looms large. How long can he keep his true identity hidden? And what will unfold when Hirosue discovers the truth?


Beautiful Things: The Complete Manga Collection

Release Date: 2024/12/17
Price: $24.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 979-8-89160-736-1