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Series: At Night, I Become a Monster (Novel)

よるのばけもの | Yoru no Bakemono
Story & Art by:
Yoru Sumino

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A haunting new novel by the creator of I Want to Eat Your Pancreas.

By day, Adachi is a normal student. By night, he’s a terrifying creature of many eyes and many legs who lurks in the darkness. One night, while haunting his own school, he comes across his classmate Yano Satsuki–she’s been an unexpected victim of bullying, and stalking the night in her own way. He’s surprised to find himself developing a sympathetic relationship with her. In this supernatural novel about nighttime outcasts, two students confront the monstrous ways that humans can treat each other.


At Night, I Become a Monster (Novel)

Release Date: 2020/04/28
Early Digital: 2020/01/30
Price: $13.99
Format: Light Novel
ISBN: 978-1-64505-297-5