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Series: A Story of Seven Lives

ゴジュッセンチの一生 | Gojussenchi no Isshou
Story & Art by:
Gin Shirakawa

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A moving tale of stray cats and the humans who care for them. The entire three-volume series will be released in English in one oversized omnibus edition.

On the mean streets of Tokyo, countless stray cats scrounge and struggle to survive. Nanao is one of them: he used to be a house cat, but after tragedy struck he had to make it on his own, relying only on fellow stray cat Machi for help. When some people start feeding the strays in their neighborhood, Nanao cautiously starts to bond with them. But the humans–a brother and sister who run a bathhouse–have issues and wounds of their own. Can Nanao help them heal, and perhaps find a new home in the process? A heart-tugging tale of family and survival!


A Story of Seven Lives

Release Date: 2023/04/18
Price: $24.99
Format: Manga
ISBN: 978-1-63858-826-9