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Seven Seas Licenses OBNOXIOUS HERO-KUN: THE C...

May 20th, 2022

Seven Seas Entertainment is excited to announce the license acquisition of the webcomic series Obnoxious Hero-kun by Amanda Rahimi (Amanduur) for a print and ebook release in the new Seven Seas BL label. In this hilarious Boys’ Love hit that originally began on the Tapas Media digital platform, a ridiculous playboy and the sharp-tongued dude […]

Seven Seas Launches New Boys’ Love and Girl...

May 18th, 2022

Seven Seas Entertainment is excited to announce two all-new labels: Seven Seas BL and Seven Seas GL. After years of publishing bestselling content in both the BL/Boys’ Love genre (about men loving men) and the GL/Girls’ Love/yuri genre (about women loving women), Seven Seas offers these two new labels to help readers easily discover the […]