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Book: Hayate X Blade Vol. 6

Hayate X Blade Vol. 6
Series: Hayate X Blade

Story & Art by: Shizuru Hayashiya
Release Date: 2010/03/30
Price: $9.99
Format: Manga
Trim: 5 x 7.125in
Page Count: 192
ISBN: 978-0-7653-2545-7

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Of Idiots and Festivals

With the Tenchi Academy School Festival in full swing and the orphans from the Dandelion Garden in attendance, Ayana and Hayate have decided to sit out this week’s Hoshitori match and kick back with old friends. Trouble finds them when the Mikado Akira Fan Club takes one of the orphans hostage and demands that Hayate leave Tenchi Academy forever! This ignites one of Hayate X Blade’s most whacked out battles—a massive melee of eighty fangirls with wooden swords vs. eight Sword Bearers with…ladles?!

Meanwhile, Ayana’s original partner Yukari has troubles of her own when she and her sister-in-arms, Maki, must deal with two psycho Sword Bearers out for blood!

Don’t miss a minute of the hilarity, angst, and action in the most outrageous volume of Hayate X Blade yet!

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