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Seven Seas Licenses NAKAMURA-SAN, THE UNINVITED GYARU Manga Series

Posted on May 15th, 2024

Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce the license acquisition of the manga series Nakamura-san, the Uninvited Gyaru by Sachiko Orihara. In this hilarious and sexy romantic comedy, love could blossom between the unlikeliest of couples!

Akiyama and Nakamura-san are polar opposites. As an easily flustered otaku, Akiyama can’t even imagine a world where an outgoing, flashy gal like Nakamura wants anything to do with him. But after she saves his life, she demands something unbelievable—to live with him! Proud, bold, and unafraid to show off her body, Nakamura is the perfect image of a gyaru. Except, the moment she’s apart from Akiyama, she becomes a flustered, blushing mess. Discover what sweetness lies beneath the surface in this odd couple rom-com!

Nakamura-san, the Uninvited Gyaru Vol. 1 will be released for the first time in the English language in October 2024 for $14.99 USA / $18.99 CAN, with the series available in single-volume editions. Ebook editions will also be available on digital platforms.