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Seven Seas Licenses NOSS AND ZAKURO Manga

Posted on October 18th, 2023

Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce the license acquisition of the manga Noss and Zakuro by rariatoo, a delightful supernatural comedy about a mother-daughter vampire pair!

In Shadowsville, a supernatural land that exists between this world and the next, there lives a pair of spooky vampires. Well, not that spooky—the beautiful Noss (the Nosferatu) and her adopted daughter Zakuro don’t even suck human blood, since that’s gross and mean. A juice-box equivalent sustains them as they frolic around their town shopping for anti-sun accessories, meeting up with other monster buddies, and supporting each other like a real mother and daughter…because blood is less important when you find a good substitute.

Noss and Zakuro will have an early ebook release in English to celebrate the book’s first publication in Japan, with an English print edition coming in July 2024 for $15.99 USA / $19.99 CAN. The book will be available in a single large-trim edition (print) and on multiple digital platforms (ebook).