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Posted on March 1st, 2023

Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce the license acquisition of the manga Kingdom of Gold, Kingdom of Water by Nao Iwamoto! Roll out the red carpet for this critically acclaimed and self-contained fantasy rom-com that inspired an anime film (also known as Gold Kingdom and Water Kingdom).

Once upon a time, two countries who shared a border wouldn’t stop squabbling over petty issues. Their spats eventually escalated into war…over an incident involving dog poop. Finally, the gods declared that both nations had to call a truce. The most beautiful girl in the Gold Kingdom would marry the smartest man in the Water Kingdom, paving the way to a new era of peace! When Sarah, a princess from the Gold Kingdom, meets a charming man named Naranbayar from the Water Kingdom, they decide to do what it takes to stop more pointless conflict between their countries–by pretending to be in love. Will their plan work? And what if real romantic feelings blossom between them?

Kingdom of Gold, Kingdom of Water will be released for the first time in North America in November 2023 for $16.99 USA / $20.99 CAN, with the book available in a single large-trim edition.