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Seven Seas Goes Deep with License of INTO THE DEEPEST, MOST UNKNOWABLE DUNGEON Mature-rated Manga Series (Ghost Ship imprint)

Posted on May 19th, 2021

Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce, through its Ghost Ship imprint for older readers, the license acquisition of the manga series Into the Deepest, Most Unknowable Dungeon (Japanese title: FukaFuka Dungeon Kouryakuki: Ore no Isekai Tensei Boukentan) by KAKERU. In this Mature-rated take on the popular isekai fantasy genre, a man journeys into the darkest, squishiest depths of a goblin-filled dungeon in another world!

Former office worker Jean finds himself transported into a land where even armies have failed to conquer the FukaFuka Dungeon. With no magic cheat codes and no secret knowledge, Jean must battle goblins and seek glory alongside a cast of voluptuous warrior women. From the creator of Creature Girls: A Hands-On Field Journal in Another World.

Seven Seas will publish the Mature-rated manga series Into the Deepest, Most Unknowable Dungeon for the first time in North America in print and on digital platforms in single volume editions. Volume 1 will be released in December 2021 for $13.99 USA / $17.99 CAN as part of Seven Seas’ Ghost Ship imprint.