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Smooch and Mooch in Another World With Seven Seas’ License of THE IDEAL SPONGER LIFE Manga

Posted on March 14th, 2018

Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce the license acquisition—both print and digital—of The Ideal Sponger Life by Tsunehiko Watanabe and Neko Hinotsuki, the manga adaptation of the hit light novel series about being summoned to another world to bed a sexy queen!

One day, average salaryman Yamai Zenjirou has an out-of-this-world experience—literally! He’s pulled from Earth and dragged to another world where magic thrives and a gorgeous, powerful queen needs a consort. Now he’s being pressured to marry that very monarch and help her bear a child. Will Zenjirou accept this life of lazy, luxurious love at the cost of leaving his home behind?

Seven Seas will publish the manga The Ideal Sponger Life for the first time in North America in print and on digital platforms in single volume editions. Volume 1 will be released on March 12, 2019 for $12.99 USA / $15.99 CAN.