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Seven Seas Shoots for the Stars With Release of Leiji Matsumoto’s SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION Hardcover Manga Omnibus

Posted on November 14th, 2017

Seven Seas Entertainment is proud to announce the license acquisition of Space Battleship Yamato: The Classic Collection, Leiji Matsumoto’s original manga trilogy—adapted as Star Blazers on American TV—collected into one beautiful hardcover omnibus!

The human race has one year left to live. Aliens known as the Gamilas have attacked Earth, poisoning it with radioactivity and driving humans underground. As humankind grows sicker by the day, their final hope is the space battleship Yamato–constructed from secret plans and equipped with advanced technology. Its mission: to reach a distant planet and bring back a cure to save humanity. Will the ship and its crew rescue the Earth in time?

Seven Seas will publish the manga series Space Battleship Yamato: The Classic Collection for the first time in North America in print as one large trim hardcover omnibus. The book will be released on October 30, 2018 for $29.99 USA / $34.50 CAN.