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Seven Seas Makes Music with License of Magia the Ninth

Posted on December 7th, 2015

Seven Seas Entertainment is pleased to announce the acquisition of the supernatural manga series, Magia the Ninth, by Ichiya Sazanami. Magia the Ninth features a thrilling and unique spin on the fantasy genre, set in an alternate reality that fashions our greatest classical music composers as magic-wielding demon hunters.

“Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Shubert, Liszt and Tchaikovsky as a group of good-looking demon hunters? Say no more,” said Seven Seas production manager Lissa Pattillo. “The art is great, the characters are fun, and the story about a group of powerful exorcists based on famous musical composers is irresistible.”

High school student Takeru Sumura has a dark secret: his parents were murdered by demons. Consumed by vengeance, Takeru seeks out the famed demon hunter, Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven is a “magia,” a wizard who wields the power of music to battle demons. Taken under Beethoven’s wing, Takeru joins the ranks of other renowned magia: Bach, Mozart, Shubert, Liszt and Tchaikovsky. This unique team of demon hunters will use their music-based magic to combat the world’s demons. Now all Takeru needs to do is figure out how to convince Beethoven to upgrade him from his personal cleaning boy to a full-fledged apprentice!

Seven Seas will publish Magia the Ninth for the first time in print in North America as single volumes. Each volume contains at least two full-color pages. Volume one of Magia the Ninth will be released on November 22, 2016 for $12.99 USA / $14.99 CAN.