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Monster Musume is this Halloween’s Special Treat!

Posted on October 17th, 2013

Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce that the hotly anticipated Monster Musume Vol. 1 by rising manga superstar Okayado is now available at retailers everywhere! Monster Musume is an all-new harem comedy with a fantastical twist-the beautiful ladies in the story are monsters of various shapes and sizes, not to mention textures-making it the perfect series for the Halloween season.

Monster Musume Vol. 1
Story and art by OKAYADO
What do world governments do when they learn that fantastical beings are not merely fiction, but flesh and blood-not to mention feather, hoof, and fang? Why, they create new regulations, of course, like the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Accord!
When twenty-something Kurusu Kimihito becomes an involuntary “volunteer” in the government homestay program for monster girls, his world is turned upside down. A lamia named Miia is sent to live with him, and it’s Kimihito’s job to make sure the sexy snake girl integrates into everyday life. While cold-blooded Miia is hot for Kimihito, the penalties for interspecies breeding are dire. Even worse, when a buxom centaur girl, and a scantily-clad harpy move into Kimihito’s house, what’s a full-blooded young man with raging hormones to do?

Since its release on October 15, Monster Musume has occupied the #1 ranking on Amazon’s “Manga Best-Sellers” list, and to date, has remained in the top spot.